r/s rec post #3

So, apropos of nothing at all, I bought a pumpkin (a REALLY RAD $5 PUMPKIN, it was the best in the batch!!!) the other day and made the mistake of leaving it out overnight, and now there are pumpkin guts all over the sidewalk, courtesy, presumably, of college students without enough papers to write or just high school kids looking to crush my jollies. They left my gourd family alone, at least.

Read these, you! (Yes, you, specifically!)

Dog of Darkness, Dog of Light
Rating: M
Warnings: light sexual content
Word Count: 4400
Summary: Sirius hates all institutions. Well, almost all.
Why you need to read this: An incredible Chritmas fic that truly captures the feeling of family and all the delightful bustle of the season! Sweet, with an edge; lovely characterizations and theme, a joy all the way through. Also I want Christmas candles now and I want them badly.

Or, a Portrait of the Mathematician as a Young Man
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,000
Summary: Historical AU. The First War was already a memory. The Second War was the shadow growing on the horizon. Remus J. Lupin, a mathematics scholar at King’s College, Cambridge, had fallen in with a set of friends who called themselves The Marauders—and at its masthead the dissolute aristocratic heir, Lord Sirius Black.
Why you need to read this: One of the most unique things I've ever read, featuring history interwoven with fiction and then threaded through with HP characters. This captures the language of the novels of this time period as well as the history that goes along with them in a way that's brilliant and moving, and this Sirius is a beauty, gosh. Nine kinds of incredible.

Therapy (Fighting for a Wasted Love)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of anti-werewolf prejudice, mental health issues
Word Count: 1525
Summary: Remus sits in the waiting room, and tries not to hear through the door. He wants to pretend Sirius has some kind of privacy.
Why you need to read this: Heartbreaking portrayal of Sirius fighting through some of the damage done to him, and Remus enduring, quietly, along the way. Achingly realistic, and beautiful, too, through the pain.