r/s rec post #4

It's unseasonably warm today! Throwing my whole sense of proportion off, it is. I definitely didn't drag out my cold weather clothes for this. >:( UNCOOL.

Also! In the event that anyone follows these links, I wrote for this year's fandom-wide Femslash Exchange and it was a whole bundle of fun! It works similarly to Yuletide (except without the mess!), and it's a great way to see f/f fic and fanart you might not otherwise get much of in fandom; so, if you're into that at all, I'd really encourage you to give it a go next year! There were several Harry Potter fics, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who nominated/requested anything Tonks-centric and goodness knows I can never have enough Tonks femslash in my life, it's like that fruit you ALWAYS crave but is out of season for like eleven months out of the year. SO! Definitely check it out, if that's what floats your fancies.

ANYWAY. Hot stuff for hot babes, etc etc:

Love in a Mille-Feuille
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Word Count: ~11500
Summary: As an ex-convict, Sirius finds it terribly difficult to find a job. Remus, a pastry chef in a semi-busy area of London just cannot resist taking in strays, especially not when they look like Sirius Black. So begins Sirius’s journey to find love with a delicious Mille Feuille in midst of flour, butter, an odd assortment of co-workers.
Why you need to read this: CUTE!!! And sweet, and funny, and delightful, and an all-around good time! This is a really creative AU that incorporates canon in a refreshing way, taking an original spin on established elements and mixing them with a whole lot of love. I've got a rule about eating after I've brushed my teeth for the night, and I violated it badly because I was craving something sweet and doughy within the first few hundred words.

I Scald Alone, Here, Under the Fire of a Great Moon
Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of wounds

Word Count: ~3500
Summary: The first year at war, trouble is on the way.
Why you need to read this: A brutal beginning to the first war, told with non-linear glimpses into the brutality and violence of it as Remus wants so badly to help the way his friends can. This one stings, and it's so easy to see the seeds of the shifts that will uproot them all as it gets worse and worse. I'm still shivering over the ending.

Brave the Storm
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Why you need to fix your eyeballs upon this: Every time I look at this, I swear, it makes me even happier. There's such a tight intimacy to all of this, just the two of them with music threading all the way through; I'd be hard pressed to say which image is my favorite, but there's something about them with their legs tangled together in the forest and Sirius' bare feet, just listening. The colors are so vibrant they pop off the panels and come alive in a way that's really, truly gorgeous.