r/s rec post #5

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope you have yourself a blast and a half with all the spooky/sweet things your heart desires. ♥♥♥

I had a migraine for most of the day and I'm not sure how I managed to make it all the way through work, but I did it. Am feeling drained, but much better, at least. And I forgot to take my lavender inside last night and I'm pretty sure the frost did it in, my poor baby :((( RIP best lavender I ever planted, I will think on you fondly when I'm struggling with a new one next spring.


Shipwreck Against Your Eyes
Rating: PG
Warnings: secrets and miscommunication, these never bode well
Word Count: 2000
Summary: In September of 1981, Sirius and Remus visit the sea at Brighton in search of lost joy.
Why you need to read this: This is a beautiful, painful depiction of one of the last days (certainly one of the last good days) of their relationship, and you can just feel how far they've begun to drift even for as much as they still love each other. I loved the emphasis on how much everything has changed--even this place where they were so happy once, but their feelings really have not. Gorgeously written and touching in so, so many ways; it breaks your heart so quietly, all the way through.

The Effect of a Kiss
Rating: PG (kissing)
Warnings: none. canon maybe? if that's a warning
Summary: After his encounter with the dementor, almost losing his soul, Sirius is suffering some side-effects. He sends a message to Remus to come and help him. So, Remus does.
Why you need to fix your eyeballs upon this: Such a creative use of the prompt! A video that takes you through Remus helping Sirius through the strangeness and frustration of regaining so many of his senses, set on a gorgeous tropical coast with incredible art! It's poignant and sweet, and beautifully crafted.

Ocean Above & Sky Below
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: swearing, descriptions of food and eating, one kiss placed on a character while they are not awake and, thus, incapable of consenting
Word Count: 8000
Summary: Sirius, adrift and floundering at the advanced age of 23, rents out a mansion by the sea— as you do— in an effort to recapture his happiness. It works surprisingly well.
Why you need to read this: This is a beautifully written glimpse into what might have been if Sirius had been able to grow up and come into himself without the war getting in the way. He gathers his friends under one enormous roof for the summer and realizes how he's changed and how his feelings for Remus have, too. Their dynamic (and Sirius' fondness for giving him lavish gifts) is wonderful, and so are his relationships with his other friends and, notably, his family. Amazing in every sense.

Rating: PG
Warnings: A sad lack of bare bottoms on display.
Image Count: 53
Summary: They have begun to read the patterns in the sound of static.
Why you need to fix your eyeballs upon this: This is astounding, on absolutely every level. The art and the prose flow like poetry, and there's so much feeling in this that you can see it in every image and every word, and in all the things it inspires in you. I CRIED A WHOLE LOT, but I also smiled and laughed and, most of all, I felt how much love there is in this, how much pain and longing, and how tangled up these two are in each other, and will always be. "Incredible" doesn't even cover it, honestly; there is so much beauty in this, just so much. This will stick to you for a long, long time.

Four Four Time
Rating: G
Warnings: Gratuitous blushing
Image Count: 6
Summary: Schoolboys and choirboys
Why you need to fix your eyeballs upon this: I don't think it's possible for anything to be cuter than this??? There's so much blushing and so much sweetness, and Remus' little smiles are just the best. Guaranteed to make your day brighter!