r/s rec post #2

more hot stuff for hot babes (I need to start doing this daily!):

Right From the Start
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-linear timeline, mild swearing
Word Count: 10635
Summary: In which the Marauders celebrate group bonding, and PoA!Remus reflects on the past.
Why you need to read this: Oh my God, I love this dearly; PoA/post-PoA-era Remus is secretly my favorite Remus, and this author's got the man's number. It's a non-linear timeline done beautifully, and the glimpses of Remus through the years are so achingly, brilliantly melancholy. There's so much love strung inside this that bubbles up all through the narrative, with the sweetest burst of joy there at the end. A wonderful premise with the most gorgeous, wistful language and a stunning Remus, just, WOW.

[Charlotte Brontë voice]: Reader, I wept.

Journey into the Land of the Rising Sun
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 3053
Summary: You see, sute-ki means steak, and suteki means wonderful, and this pun is going to be very helpful when one travels to Japan. A story where part of the grand plan to woo Lily Evans involves visiting Japan.
Why you need to read this: What a bundle of fun! I love the way the author throws you into the setting--everything about this pops up and comes alive in the best ways, and the dialogue is absolute gold. I never stopped smiling, not even once.

Evenings, Mornings, Afternoons
Rating: R
Warnings: dangerously high caffeine content, drunken snogs, bad jokes
Word Count: 5600
Summary: Sirius is a librarian who doesn't read, Remus is a barista who prefers hot chocolate. At least they like each other. Eventually. Probably?
Why you need to read this: This is a wickedly clever coffee shop AU and, honestly, the sort of thing you read three times in a row just because it brightens your day that much. Incredible dialogue, gorgeous writing, sweetness with a jagged edge; essentially, amazing.

The Song of Forgetting, in C Minor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: referenced light drug use, implied sexual situations, ambiguous ending
Word Count: 1500
Summary: The first memory comes out easy, two days later, slips from his temple into the jar like a fish being released into a bowl of water. Remus watches the silver strand loop and wrap around itself, settling into a shimmering knot.
Why you need to read this: WOW PAINFUL!!!!!! Remus, in the aftermath and doing his best to flush the good memories out of himself. Utterly gorgeous writing that will wring you out over and over; stunning, truly.

Shot Through the Heart
Rating: G
Warnings: none, unless sad is a warning
Medium: Marker / PS
Summary: There wasn't a body for Remus to bury, just a flash of light he kept seeing out of the corner of his eye.
Why you need to fix your eyeballs upon this: So, so painful, and I love the contrast of black and white here; the birds look like they're crumbling from the earth itself, and you can just feel Remus' grief. Beautifully done.