LOOK at these hotties! I'm an irredeemable loser, because I had no idea that I was actually nominated for, much less won, anything like this until huldrejenta pointed me in that direction today; this is what I get for not having paid any attention to, well, anything at all.

Thank you SO MUCH to the sweetheart and a half who nominated me and to the people who voted (also sweethearts)! I still haven't gotten around to replying to comments on that story (new goal for this week!), but every single one of them made me so happy, and I'm still stunned that people read it, and liked it, and even nominated it for something! What a wonderful surprise this was--you completely made my day, and I really can't thank you enough. Just--THANK YOU! ♥♥♥

Plus, now I can nominate/vote for things next round, now that I know this is a thing--exciting!

HP fandom isn't something I ever thought I'd end up involved with to this extent, but falling into it last year was definitely the best fandom-thing I did, bar none! It's such a cozy place; I've had so much fun and participated in so much more than I ever have before, and I've loved every moment--and not to mention I've met so many wonderful, talented, thoroughly lovely people over the past year! It's been an absolute blast. I'm always finding new things to love about the canon because of you guys, and your fanfic and art are always, without exception, 300%, grad-A, top-tier rad--I'm constantly blown away by how creative and enthusiastic and brilliant everyone here is. I can't wait to branch out even more and see lots of you guys this year! ♥

That story is soooo wonderful, and deserves all the praise and awards it can get ♥

And look at that banner - totally hot guys :D

♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you so much--you're the sweetest!! I'm still so stupidly thrilled you liked that story--and thanks (again) for letting me know about this, gosh! I can't wait to nominate things in the next round.

And congratulations again to you, too! Your stories deserve all the awards. ♥
Well, congratulations! I didn't know this was a thing or I definitely would have voted for you. Your story was amazing and absolutely deserves the win. Nice job!

(And now I know to check out the next round.)
Oh gosh, thanks! See, this is why I need to pay more attention to fandom happenings and whatnot; there are so many stories I'd have love to have nominated, and yours is definitely one of them. (I am still having palpitations about your small gifts fic!!)

At least we both know what's what for the next round, though! Ought to be fun that way. :-)