a fic post!

HELLO! I said a while ago that I would try to keep this place updated with future writing, so here I am, making good on that promise! Have some (not entirely new) fic:

Grazed Knees, written for femmefest 2015! Ginny/Luna, 5,400 words of post-second war shifts and changes.

(An aside: femmefest is a great annual HP femslash exchange, and I had blast participating and getting to see all the AMAZING new works! If femslash floats any of your boats, I'd definitely recommend taking a look and maybe having a go at it next year--it's low-pressure and a lot of fun.)

And Leave the Children Behind, which I think everyone here has already read, but it's been slightly reworked since last year (mostly just changes/additions to dialogue, and fixes for a few parts I was unhappy with and didn't have time to revise before the deadline kicked my ass up between my eyeballs), though it's the same general story, all the same.

Yay, I saw your name on the master list! Sadly, I haven't found the time to read anything from this year's femmefest, but I'll try to check some of them out. Yours is already on my tbr list <3
Hey you! ♥ There was some amazing stuff posted over there, if you're able to check it out (plus some really rad fanart--I was lucky enough to receive the most adorable Ginny/Luna art!).

p.s. Here's a preemptive "I can't wait to see your rs_games fic this year!" I can't believe it's already May, honestly.
Here's a preemptive "I can't wait to see your rs_games fic this year!"
So looking forward to reading yours as well!! ♥
I wonder what this year's theme will be :)
I'm looking forward to seeing what they choose, too--last year's was a blast, so it's exciting to have something all new to work with now!