r/s games recs #1

it's that time of year... the time of year when I rec things like a dutiful reader and try to find something to say that isn't just bleating in all caps; it's a real struggle. I'm also crampy and exhausted. Let's see if I can do this.


If This Life Isn’t Enough

A quiet, evocative fic centering on some of the most difficult periods in Sirius’s (and Remus’s) life; it’s the sort of thing that sneaks up on you and rips out your heart, just to put it back where it left it all over again. This is a beauty, with a brilliant (and heartbreaking!!!!!) glimpse into Sirius’s state of mind, told in brittle, beautiful shards of memory.


Really gorgeous art with a crisp autumnal feeling, featuring Remus volunteering for the first Wolfsbane trial. I love the way the page gets busier and busier as the narrative flows to its end; there’s a beautiful surreal quality to it–almost wistful–that really resonated with me.


This fic tore out my heart and stomped on it with steel-toed boots, and LET ME TELL YOU I have never been happier to be in so much agony! A non-magic AU set during WWII with Remus as a geographer and Sirius as a pilot; unbelievable language and prose, and a plot and politics so expertly intertwined it takes your breath away. This is such a remarkable piece of writing for so many reasons, with the intricacies and intersections of war and love and yearning and politics all wound around each other into something extraordinary.

Flying By Night

Adorable Hogwarts-era fic featuring a hugely besotted Sirius Black trying to analyze and vocalize his feelings for Remus, with some really sweet reflections on Remus Lupin’s finer qualities. I love the imagery in this, vivid and glittering and lush; the ending has a beautiful reflection on the nature of love that’s so, so apt.
Yay for recs :D
I'm always amazed by the quality of the Games fic & art, and this year is no exception. I'm a little behind in my reading, looking forward to catching up :D
♥ HELLO, YOU! I hope you're doing well and the whole world is bright and beautiful for you. ♥ And I know, omg--these are all so incredible. There's not much better than a whole month stuffed full of r/s; I'll have to see if I can guess which one is yours! October is such a blast. <333
Hello again,
I'm doing well, thank you <3 A bit busy, and yes, I've signed up for too many things in fandom this autumn, haha, but it's so much fun :)
I hope life is treating you spectacularly well too!

I'm a little bit behind on my Games reading/viewing, but I'll catch up :D Ah yes, it's wonderful to have one month full of new, fabulous R/S pieces! And once that's done, RS small gifts is back as well :D

I'm horrible at guessing who's written what :) There are a few writers who have a style I think I might be able to recognize (you're one of them, but I'm sure I'd get it wrong anyway, haha!), but usually I find it really hard.
It would be fun if you tried to guess mine, if you want to :)

Happy Monday!!!

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