r/s games rec #2

I started typing this without realizing that tumblr recs now count towards the rec collection post! SO, I'll just be posting these over on my tumblr from now on; I think I've already got all of you over there? If not, I'm here and you should definitely come hang out with me; I post a lot of what is, in my opinion, indisputably quality gay content. ♥ Such as this:

an individual r/s games rec, as I’m home sick (again) and have just had my tender, unsuspecting heart bruised by an unfairly gorgeous fanfic (again):

We Build Our Own Unfolding

This is an incredible piece of writing, staggering in its beauty and limitless in its breadth and depth of emotion. The most flawless depiction of Sirius, jagged-edged and a bit muddled, sometimes, with himself and with adulthood, and full of so much brightness and love he doesn’t realize it’s sitting right there inside him; the shock of it as it begins to unfold comes almost like a surprise. Amazing dialogue, a thousand brilliant little details that’ll have you going back to re-read the whole thing immediately, unparalleled prose and language and characterization, a vividness of emotion that never lets go of you even for a minute, and two people who have become inextricably tangled up in each other over time: one of them only starting to understand, the other always acutely aware.

It’s a beautifully-crafted, moving gem of writing for so, so many reasons--the sort of thing that sticks with you forever. My sinuses are in bad shape today anyway, and this has left me sounding like I’ve been snorting wet cement. Just, go read it; this is a truly exceptional work.
Ah, I've got so many things to catch up on! I'm doing a little pinch hit for Team Star, so not a lot of reading until it's done. And then I'll be all over this one and everything else I've missed :D

There's you on Tumblr! I've added you :) I'm not super active over there (I find Tumblr just a tad confusing and scary, not to mention time-consuming, haha), but add me if you want to :)
!!! WHAT!!! my gosh, didn't you pinch-hit last year, too? You're ASTOUNDING--I can't wait to read what you do, I'm so excited that there's still so much left to read! (and you'll love that fic, omg--I've been convulsing about it for 24+ hours now, it's really an extraordinary thing that skyrocketed into my all-time faves just like that. ENJOY!) ♥

I'VE GONE AND FOLLOWED YOU! Honestly, I find tumblr pretty horrible too in most aspects; at least with LJ it was easier to avoid the facets I didn't want to deal with and didn't want to see, and tumblr's always felt kind of impersonal and weird to me. Not to mention the rigid thinking, and the absolutism in everything, and how I never want to see a gifset of Chris Evans's face ever again. Mostly I just roll around in my own bubble screaming and crying about gay wizardry/witchcraft, ignoring most everything else, but YEAH. I can't wait for the day fandom migrates somewhere better and preferably more LJ-ish.
Ahaha, thank you - and yes, I did write a pinch hit last year, but let me assure you that the thing I'm writing now is a tiny, tiny little thing, haha :D
Yes, yes, yes, I'm REALLY looking forward to reading that one, and goodness, there's so much catching up to do now, and soon there's rs_small_gifts!! ♥ (And I'm working on a Marauder fest, to be announced before too long :D)

I totally agree with you about tumblr, and I'm so happy that at least the big fests are still hosted here on LJ. In Harry/Draco fandom there's more LJ activity still, and I like it a lot better. Or maybe it's just that I'm getting too old, haha :)

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