r/s rec post #1

Hot stuff for hot babes:

A World Gone Mad
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: wanking, frotting, brief oral, some foul language because well, they’re teenage boys.
Word Count: 18,404
Summary: The realization that he may have not so platonic feelings for Remus lead Sirius to some realizations about himself and his family, and maybe, to start healing.
Why you need to read this: A Marauders-era get-together story that's so much more than just that; there's a lot of love here, a lot of healing, and a little bit of growing up along the way. Sirius and Remus have a lot to work through, but they do it together, and it's a beauty of a thing to read. Moving, funny, beautiful, and deeply, deeply touching. I loved every word, and this is one that will definitely stick with me for a long, long time.

Sirius slept poorly, tossing and trying not to wake James as his mind raced. Now that it was time to go back to school he was no longer sure he was ready to face Remus again, and all the different ways it could go in the morning kept circling around in his head, chasing each other until he finally fell into a light doze plagued with dreams of Remus and Regulus joining together against him.

When they finally boarded the Hogwarts Express the next morning, after a sleepy scramble to get everyone out the door, Sirius managed to just barely keep himself from looking around for their sandy haired friend, reminding himself that just because he sent James an owl didn’t suddenly mean he was forgiven, or that Remus would be joining them. He would probably go sit with the other prefects like he had at the end of last term.

Between the Moon and the Stars
Rating: M
Warnings: Some pain/gore, related to the werewolf transformation. Underage in some countries, legal for the UK. (They are both 16)
Word Count: 3000
Summary: The summer before their sixth year, and everything changes and stays the same.
Why you need to read this: An absolutely gorgeous, lavishly painted portrait of summer with so much love blossoming through it. Beautiful language, utterly stunning imagery, wonderfully crafted characterizations--you can feel this fic and all the sensations strung through it. I'm kind of in love with it, honestly.

“But a summer, Moony. A whole summer. We could…we can do anything,” Sirius says, and his smile is big and bright, beautiful in a way Remus can’t quite articulate. It’s the smile that makes him brave, the smile and the heat of the day that makes him reach out, tug him down and kiss him, eager and clumsy. Sirius’s lips are soft. He tastes a little of honey, of the peculiar coffee he likes that’s made of acorns. He kisses like he’s been expecting to for a long time, kisses boldly, with a smile curving his lips. “We could do this all summer,” he murmurs, his smile all promise. “Bugger the homework.”

Warm Summer Nights
Rating: PG
Warnings: few curse words
Word Count: 1806
Summary: Sirius can’t fully remember his favourite summer, so Remus brings summer to Grimmauld Place
Why you need to read this: This is such a gorgeous slice of their stay at Grimmauld Place, peppered with all the bittersweetness you'd expect and tinged with a bit of promise along the way. I especially love how it blends old with new: they're not who they were, but they don't have to let go of that as they move on, either. Beautifully done!

It was late then, that summer evening, with everyone else asleep, and the moon was half full, shining on the calm surface. They were sitting on the dock with their feet dangling in the surprisingly warm water, talking of something, something related to Quidditch, perhaps, he no longer remembered, when Sirius dared him. They were so young, so carefree, despite the growing storm, and Remus felt like the world actually had a future for him. That evening was the first time for many things, things he only barely hoped for before. Remus could still smell that night and taste the water on Sirius’ skin.

“That was definitely a good summer,” Remus said again.

Hangover Cures
Rating: PG
Warnings: none, except some mentions of drinking?
Word Count: 2100
Summary: Listening to Remus pottering about in the kitchen, Sirius wondered how on Earth he’d managed to land the sort of man who would make him toast and bring him Muggle sports drinks after he’d been fool enough to challenge James to a contest of who could taste the most types of gin.
Why you need to read this: This was so cute I went through and read it twice in one night. A super sweet morning-after-esque fic where Remus takes care of Sirius after a night of overindulgence, except his actual hangover cure is a little unorthodox. Wonderful imagery and a brilliant dynamic--so much fun!

Sirius groaned again. It had seemed like such a brilliant idea last night. Muggle bar-hopping! Trying all the unfamiliar Muggle drinks! So many different ways to watch James make a lovable fool of himself, so many chances to observe that alluring flush of colour that appeared high on Remus’ cheeks when he drank. You could never tell Moony was drunk by his behaviour, but Sirius always knew by the way his cheeks took on a delicate shade of crimson and his smile went fractionally wider, just that little bit looser and more unguarded. It was worth any amount of hangover to see Remus smile like that.

Still, it was the principle of the thing.

Oh, We Lost Magic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~4000
Summary: The year is 1985 and Sirius, Remus, James and Lily are working as EMTs in muggle London, living seemingly normal lives...except there's really an awful lot of weird things going on.
Why you need to read this: A premise so brilliant and unique I couldn't have stopped reading if I wanted to (and I didn't, why would I), and it incorporates magic into a Muggle world in such a rich, unsettling way you can almost see it. I love the dynamic between all of them--the dialogue is astounding--and the sense of shocked wonder that comes from throwing lightheartedness into a terrifying situation is done so amazingly well. I love this to bits!

"It's Friday," Sirius observed.

Remus was already in the kitchen, slumped over a humongous cup of coffee and side-eyeing the crossword. He'd already filled out the sudoku. "Yeah."

"Which means," Sirius said, leaning over the table, "that it's time to do the thing where I ask you out and you say no and I say please and you stare at my lips and I stare at you and the sexual tension escalates until you flee and I'm left cold."

"Must we?" Remus looked up. "I'm not really into it today." He pushed the paper across the table to Sirius, who sat down. "I left the crossword for you."

Thinking About You
Rating: PG13
Warnings: War themes, internal monologuing, Sirius’ foul mouth
Word Count: 1520
Summary: Sometimes, waiting is the worst part.
Why you need to read this: A beautifully written piece that captures so well how awful waiting can really be--all the worry, longing, the fear, the irrational thoughts that start to flit through your head. I loved Remus here, and I loved how his thoughts flow from beginning to end, right until the tipping point.

The night drags on, a sticky kind of humidity hanging in the air, uncommonly warm. He could feel his clothes stick as he shifted, leaning back in the chair. The chair, for one, was not the sickly, nervous yellow of seemingly, frustratingly, everything else in the room. The chair was a worn, dusky blue. It was big and soft and messy and worn down and just like the man who bought it. It smelled like Sirius. (Warm and spices and grass and musk. Leather. Cigarettes.) That was a lot of why Remus sat in it. It could also see the front door to their apartment and, while waiting, Remus’ nerves really just couldn’t deal with not seeing it right then.

One Last Night
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, implied smoking
Word Count: 1680
Summary: Sirius and Remus spend a night together during the First War.
Why you need to read this: Painful and hopeful all at once, and the ending will gut you like a trout. I love the sense of freedom they get in these last few hours, and there's so much warmth in this, even as the world is fraying at the seams and starting to get worse. Just lovely.

“Two more bodies have been pulled from the ruins of ‘Matilda’s Muggle Supplies’,” the voice on the radio stated without a hint of emotion. “They have yet to be identified, but investigators believe that both victims are Muggle-borns.”

Of course they would be. It seemed like everyone that died at the moment was Muggle-born or Half-blood. Obviously Pure-bloods were still dying, and not just the so called blood traitors. No, there were still illnesses and everyday accidents and old age that not even purely magical blood could save people from, but those deaths seemed so meaningless at the moment – Voldemort’s victims were dying from a skewed set of beliefs about magic and could have been avoided. The only unnatural thing about non-Pure-bloods was the way they died.

Let's Be Alone Together
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~ 1500
Summary: Sirius was the kind of person Remus could read like an open book, and the story he read there was beautiful. But finding the true meaning of it, wasn't always easy.
Why you need to read this: This is such a lush picture of autumn I could almost feel it! I love Remus' uncertainty here regarding their relationship and Sirius' more determined attitude; it felt so true to both of them, and it's wonderful to see them just starting to learn the shapes of each other. Such a sweet fic!

He flipped through his notebook again. Sirius is the kind of person you can read like an open book he'd written a few weeks ago. The problem is, even though I can read the words in the book, I'm not certain I understand what they mean. I do know the words are beautiful. I can only hope the story they create is the same.

The coffee tasted unusually good today, but a quick look at his watch told him he didn't have time for another. He put his notebook back into the pocket and headed for the grove by the outskirts of the town. Soft sunlight was tilting in between the trunks, and he sat down by the tiny meadow where they used to meet. It had been a warm and dry summer, a fact the two of them were most grateful for. The late September sun still gave them enough warmth to keep meeting this way. For now.